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Top 8 Benefits of Geriatric massage

I can bet massage is more than just a relaxation technique. It shows significant aid therapeutically for people of all ages, who grumble about muscle stiffness, clinical stress, joint pain, and compromised immune response. Geriatric massage, also known as the elderly massage, is a versatile technique that operates specifically for senior citizens to lessen the sufferings that come with various disorders.

Here are 8 reasons why geriatric massage is beneficial for you.

1. Reduce muscle and tissue stiffness

Muscle hardness is the first concern elder people share when inquired about. It happens due to the inactivity of tissues and sometimes lack of blood flow. However, massage is a highly favorable therapy for issues like these. It not only softens muscles and tissues but also reduces reversible stiffness. For better results, regular geriatric massage appointments can improve overall physical tension.

2. Eliminates clinical stress

It won't be more than a surprise when we say that diagnoses like dementia can get better with an elderly massage. A study was conducted on dementia patients to observe their physical, mental, and psychological behavior. The experiment successfully showed a positive decrease in the stress hormone known as 'Cortisol.' It also helped people with anger and temper issues.

Increases blood flow

3. Helps in osteoarthritis pain

Let me tell you straight; elderly massage cannot cure osteoarthritis. However, it can help reduce the suffering that comes with it. Massage is beneficial for patients who experience hot flashes, stiff muscles, decreased physical activity, and severe pain on a regular basis. Along with proper arthritis treatment, it is advised to schedule massage sessions as it helps in fast recovery and improved physical function.

4. Improves sleep cycle

Other than physical aid, massage shows significant effects on sleep habits. Older people who struggle with insomnia are encouraged to take massage sessions on a weekly basis. The relaxing characteristic of massage helps people sleep deeper and longer, peacefully. It gives muscles a soothing effect and repairs the body's overall physical health.

5. Improves immune response

A study shows that people who take scheduled massage sessions are more likely to get less sick than people who don't. It is evident that massage helps stabilize a healthy immune system. It burns body toxins and improves blood circulation in the limbs. Massage shows significant aid in wound healing and illness as it boosts the activity of white blood cells (WBCs) that are called the fighter of the body.

6. Firmness and strength

With each passing decade, seniors' bones get hollow and start to lose stability. It gets more challenging for them to stand, move or simply do physical activity with infirm bones. A study in Canada showed that every year, around 20%-30% of elderly people fall due to weakened bones and loss of strength. In that case, massage is said to be a best friend because it helps improve body balance, relieve body sensation, and increases blood flow in limbs, cutting down the risk of falling.

7. Nervous system

Lastly, for a happy and balanced mood, suggest your elder's geriatric massage. It is said to improve the production of happy chemicals like Dopamine and Serotonin, which is also beneficial for patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, mainly. Massage therapy shows a great release of nervous system hormones and neurotransmitters, which improves the functioning of the CNS.

8. Increases blood flow

Perhaps the more significant aid of elderly massage is increased blood flow. Therapists around the globe suggest massages for seniors with muscle tension and immobile limbs. Because elderly massage radially increases blood flow throughout the body through simple techniques like soft stroking, kneading, and pressure points.



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