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Image by Annie Spratt

Bringing Rest +
Wellness to Children in Need

Your donation goes toward socks, pillows, journals and more for children in the foster system and homeless shelters. 

Through the Rest Well Project we are working every day to make a difference in thousands of children's lives.


Children ages 6–12 need at least 9–11 hours of sleep each night to be at their best. Without sleep, children experience heightened anxiety,  low energy, have problems with attention and memory,  and engage in more risk-taking behaviors.


Due to all of the factors these children often struggle academically and have more health and mood related problems.

When kids are displaced, it’s even harder for them to sleep. That’s why Rest Network has begun the Rest Well Project to help give kids comfortable bedtime items – so they can get the rest they need to be ready for whatever life throws their way.  

Image by Larm Rmah

What You Can Do to Help

Please help us provide even more children comfort and wellness they need to maneuver in this season of life. If you'd like to help provide comfort to kids who need it most, consider adding a donation in-cart with your Rest Service!


With every donation, we help provide a child with their very own bag of bedtime comfort items and help youth learn to manage stress through healthy movement, meditation, and relaxation.

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